“A finite game is played for the purposes of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play.”

– James Carse


This is where we begin to implement powerful lifestyle changes that can often make a huge improvement in your overall well-being.  We work together to remove any obstacles that are hindering you from feeling well again.  I can not overstate the importance of factors such as exposure to nature and fresh air, quality water and adequate hydration, restful sleep, nutrition and proper functioning of our elimination organs.  Food is not just fuel but also information for your cells, the majority of each of us is made up of almost entirely water and our bodies heal and regenerate during sleep.  By addressing these determinants of health, we can correct for underlying imbalances and deficiencies, creating the optimal environment for your body to heal itself.  When we begin to feel better from small, yet powerful, changes in these areas we can appreciate how very important they are to our health.