Work With Me

(I believe in)
+ whole-being


I believe in providing naturopathic care at a deeper level.  Wellness is a work in progress — it normally doesn’t take us one day to get to where we are, so often the recovery isn’t going to be overnight either.  I will partner with you to address and resolve your symptoms, but we will not stop there.  The symptoms are messages, an invitation to look deeper to find the underlying problem.  Root-cause resolution medicine. In the world of chronic disease, the underlying problem often goes beyond just a single tissue, organ, or even a system.  So, hearing your whole story and addressing you as a whole-being are necessary for not just eliminating disease, but also establishing conditions to restore optimal health.

(Delivered through)
+ communication

I want this to be a mutually participatory process between us.  I will be supporting you throughout your journey because together is always better and together is necessary.  Transparency, patience, and a clear plan are integral to build a solid foundation for your health.

I want you to know that change is possible regardless of your current state of health, but the passion to inhabit a healthy body must be accompanied by action.  Together we will identify your strengths and leverage them towards making the necessary changes in a lasting and sustainable manner.

(Empowered by)
+ community

I will help you cultivate skills that are crucial for your long-term health, such as tapping into your sense of intuition and learning to trust it.  Intuitive living is a practice, and this practice starts with becoming attune to your senses.  YOU will learn to become a keen observer of your own body, and my role will be to listen and guide you through this process.  YES, all the science and data related to your case are important, but we can not disregard one very important fact.  Your body has the innate wisdom to heal itself, when provided with the optimal environment.  This wisdom has a huge potential for preventing and healing disease.

Additionally, community involvement is invaluable in your healing process.  Community encompasses more than just your loved ones, family and friends.  It also includes other individuals who are on their health journey and are eager to share their experiences, struggles and wisdom with you.  There are many others who are just starting on their healing path, who can be your companions and accountability partners.  Having an accountability system means you have a community who is there to remind you of of your why and support you during difficult times.  This peer-to-peer learning and support is extremely powerful.  What I want for you is more than just absence of disease.  I want you to live fully and experience deeply. I want you to cultivate resiliency — resilience of the body and mind so that you are able to keep up with the desires of the soul — to be alive.